The Valley Business Leaders' Initiative presented the VBLI Economic Summit 2017 on April 3 at the Old Orchard Inn. 

The state of our local economy, what we need to improve, and how and when we'll do it were key messages at this event. 

Special guest speakers included 

  • Ray Ivany, President and Vice Chancellor, Acadia University
  • Jeff MacLean, President, Michelin North America (Canada), Inc.
  • Christina Doll, Workforce Development Officer, City of Prince George, BC.

The event was attended by businesses, organizations, individuals and government representatives, all with an interest in the local economy.  Speakers delivered compelling messages, and presentations were followed by a workshop  in which attendees prioritized the actions that could be taken to improve the Valley economy. 

Thank you to our sponsors 

Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce


Green Diamond

Michelin North America (Canada), Inc.

Nova Scotia Business, Inc.

We thank our Live, Work, Grow campaign partner, the Valley Regional Enterprise Network.

Valley Regional Enterprise Network

The role of the Valley REN is to guide and navigate regional economic development, while providing support to businesses.

Check out the OneNovaScotia website, which contains the Now Or Never Report (also known as "The Ivany Report").  It clearly describes the current economic situation in Nova Scotia and what needs to be done.


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  • The VBLI partnered with the Valley REN to launch the "Live, Work, Grow" campaign.
  • Television and digital ads began July 2016
  • Short term campaign
  • Targeted to persons with prior awareness and interest in the Valley
  • Focuses on the Valley's competitive advantages, such as a balanced lifestyle
  • All resulting inquirie will be followed up
  • Results will be carefully tabulated and used to build long term campaign
  • UPDATE: As of January 31, 2017, the campaign generated 1,032,672 impressions, 3632 clicks for information, and 282 people filling out forms for more details.


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The VBLI was formed in April 2016.  It came about as a result of local business leaders' frustration about missed opportunities for economic growth in the Annapolis Valley.  They recognized that governments can change about every four years, with portfolios changing even more frequently.  This means a limited ability to have a long term business strategy.  Instead, government can be a supportive influence for change, such as removing regulatory barriers that impede business growth. 

Business people have a natural ability to see possibilities, bring people together, and connect solutions to problems.  Thus, VBLI members believe in taking action to foster economic growth.  The VBLI's first step is to plan initiatives to attract new residents to live, work and invest in the Valley.  This will generate more demand for business.  At the same time, they will work to identify and eliminate barriers to growth for new and existing businesses.  One barrier is years of pessimism and complacency.  That barrier is being struck down by the VBLI's message that we are all accountable for doing something to spur economic growth, and the VBLI's leadership in quickly mobilizing to produce a marketing campaign targeted to those most likely to be interested in coming to the Valley.

OneNovaScotia has produced "We Choose Now - A Playbook For Nova Scotians".